A few weeks ago, one of my closet friends asked me to alter her wedding dress. Her and her husband are renewing their vows after 10 years of marriage. Lovely! I, of course, said yes! After looking it over it ended up needing more alteration than both of us expected. It was a difficult alteration, as most intricate alterations are. And I am a perfectionist… even though I try not to be…. I wanted it to look perfect for her, and I always want to put it back together the way it came. If you do any alterations you know this can’t always happen. There always has to be allowances made unless you really take the whole piece of clothing apart, and rebuild it.

While I was sewing I started thinking about how disappointed I was that I was not going to be able to make it to their vow renewal. But just like sewing, in life allowances have to be made. Life steps in, and you can’t always have things the way you want them. Yes… this is true people!!

As I sat there sewing I thought to myself that each stitch I was sewing was out of love. Yes, this may sound a little cheesy. But it’s true. Love for someone that has been in my life for about 17 years. We have been through so much, definitely our fair share of ups and downs, but when you get right down to it we are friends for life. I sometimes think how odd it is the people you end up still friends with after high school, after college, through husbands and kids, and everything else. If you would have picked my group of friends I am not sure I would have believed you. Not because we weren’t close when we were younger. It’s just oddly enough we had a large circle of girl friends we hung out with. It’s funny how out of that large group this group of women have been together so long, and have forged a friendship that will last a lifetime. These are the women I want to sit on my front porch with every year of my life, and talk, laugh, cry, dream, hope, fear, and just love. These are my friends, and a part of my soul. And if I didn’t have them I guarantee I would be crazier than I already am.

So True.

I ended up finishing the dress yesterday evening, and I have to say she looked stunning in it. I was so happy with how it all turned out. I promise I will post pics as soon as she sends them my way. But for now, I send my love to you on your special day my friend.