so here I am… taking a deep breathe… and learning to fly.. again.

I think that someone can never be too old or young to learn to truly spread their wings and fly. For the past several years, I have leapt into the blue with my eyes closes, taken the risks without worrying about the costs, and chasing my creative dream.

They said we wouldn’t leave and fly on our own, but we did. We moved from Oklahoma to Louisiana (a place we had only visited once) and took that leap together. and we succeeded. My husband and I. We both received our Master’s in Theatre as of Fall 2010. And immediately leapt again to Tennessee for a new job, a brand new life. But sometimes I think once you find the one thing you think you have been searching for years for. You realize it wasn’t the truth all along. The dream job doesn’t give you the dream life. And the life means more than the job.

So we looked at each other and with fear in our voice asked…. are you happy?….. are you? gulp… the answer was no… And when considered all life had thrown at us, the answer was there all along. We had just thought that going home would be the worst choice. the failure. the i can’t believe you moved back here choice.

welcome to small town america. but when we stopped listening to other people’s voices, and truly listened to our own. we knew where home was and where we should be. So here we are back in Oklahoma.

As much as this creative journey and this blog is about my journey. it has to include my family as well.

and as much as this is a creative journal about my work, and the love I have for sewing… it’s also about the path you must take to get there…

btw.. did i mention i turned 30 this year…